New Online Gambling Advertising Rules in Australia

New Online Gambling Advertising Rules in Australia Australia’s love for gambling is no secret – as much as 80% of Australians participate in some form of gambling. Australia has a strong gambling culture that started way before the 20th century.

When it comes to gambling, Australia boasts numbers that are hard to match by other countries in the world including China and Singapore. The Fairfield area in Sydney spent about $8 billion on gambling between 2015 and 2016, which comes down to a whopping average of $40,000 per person.

While legislators are trying to redefine the gambling landscape in Australia through newer and newer regulations, and even limit access to certain forms of gambling, the effects of these rules on players is usually minimal.

Gambling operators are more likely to be put in a difficult spot by gambling regulations. The new online gambling advertising rules introduced by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) in March this year have done just that.

The new rules were drawn up to prevent overexposure of gambling to children and regulates gambling advertisements broadcasted on TV, radio and the Internet.

Overexposure & Easy Access to Gambling

Gambling in Australia is not confined to land-based casinos or betting facilities as is the case in many other countries. Whether it’s poker machines in restaurants and pubs, lotteries on TV and radio, or online gambling on the various platforms that accept Australian players, gambling in Australia is a ubiquitous presence.

The hundreds of thousands of gambling facilities make it easy for anyone to gamble and enjoy a few hours of undisturbed gambling. Even so, local operators cannot evade the strong competition from international operators who want in on their piece of the pie. This leads to even more aggressive marketing practices from local operators that try to entice players by offering huge bonuses and promotions.

Even though children are prohibited from most forms of gambling, regulations are still needed to help reduce exposure and even gambling among children, especially in such a vibrant gambling culture as Australia’s.

New Rules by ACMA

The new gambling advertising rules regulate when ads can be broadcast and what they can say. For example, gambling ads can’t be shown during kids’ programs on TV and during live sport coverage on TV, radio and online.

As for the content of the gambling ads that are broadcast during permitted hours, they can’t promote irresponsible gambling or excessive gambling. Ads for interactive services such as online casino style games are completely banned on TV, radio or online as per the new rules.

These rules create an overall safer gambling environment for kids by limiting early exposure of children to gambling.

Final Thoughts

Even with new regulative hurdles introduced from time to time, the Australian government remains one of the most progressive governments when it comes to gambling. Both land-based and online gambling continue to remain popular throughout the country.

With the variety boasted by modern pokie machines, the action-packed story-telling and visually striking imagery of 3D slots and poker machines, Australia’s love for gambling is understandable.











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