VR in online casinos – How real are they in 2022?

VR in online casinos AustraliaTechnology has benefited gambling in many ways in the past 30 years. From video pokies and slots played on computers to the internet introducing online gaming. What was once thought of as impossible has come true. Mobile play is just one of the recent developments which have made ease of play anywhere while on the go a great benefit to loyal players. Graphics have increased to such a degree that some pokie/slots claim to be “3D”. Although not the 3D we would see in a movie theatre, these games are exceptionally clear and resemble video games such as PlayStation.

What is the next advancement for Casino Technology?

VR or Virtual Reality has been in the mainstream for about 25 years or so, although in limited exposure for gaming. The technology has improved greatly over this time so much so that it can now be applied to the gaming experience.

What exactly is VR?

Virtual Reality is an augmented experience which is in many cases paired with a game or playing experience. Used with a dedicated headset (Oculus Rift and HTC Vive) for visual and audio, what you see is a simulated world which can be similar to the real world or something which is completed different. VR can be used for educational purposes as well and is currently being incorporated into military and medical applications.

VR and Online Casinos

Online Casinos have come close to reaching optimization with the tools they have. Graphics are excellent and the games themselves offer a variety of bonuses and features that 10 years ago were unthinkable.

Marrying Online Casinos and Virtual Reality is not as simple as enhancing graphics to 4K or adding another bonus feature. Completing this task will consist of increased costs while creating new games from scratch as well as updating laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. The player will also be required to purchase a VR headset which at the present can be a few hundred dollars for the cheap inexpensive ones to close to $1,000 for the high-end devices.

Casinos such as Fair GO which is very popular with Australian and New Zealand players will only adopt VR if this technology can be a profitable endeavor. Most gamblers are simple players in terms of their gambling which is why the 3-Reel Classic Pokies are still among the most popular. Sometimes more doesn’t always translate into better and the old axiom of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) applies to online gambling.

If adopted, how would VR benefit FairGO Casino?

As mentioned above, there is no reason to adopt a technology if it doesn’t increase profits.  In its initial debut, the technology would in most cases be a loss generating undertaking. This usually happens with any new technology, although the long-term benefits could be profitable. This would most likely be the case for Fairgo and VR.

Online Gambling is not nearly the same experience as online gaming and does not require the same type of interaction. With this being said, VR could create a new interactive experience with gambling that you cannot get out of the current technology. Casino Games such as Pokies would most likely have a bonus game in a second screen which would require the pokie player to interact with characters or specific situations. This would require a serious upgrade in the casino games as well as the device being used.

Is there a future for VR in Online Casinos?

Who really knows what the future holds, but in terms of VR technology being married with Online Casinos, the chances are very good. The technology for VR has been around for a while, although the difficulty is making it affordable for gamers and casinos alike. When this happens, more casinos and gamers will a adopt the technology which will benefit the industry at large.

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